Glass - Back to the Future!

article posted 30 July 2015

An invitation from
Professor Russell Hand
President of the
Society of Glass Technology

We'd like to welcome you to Sheffield in September 2016, for a very special event.

It is hard to imagine modern life without the fascinating material that is glass. We have come a long way in our use and understanding of this material since Professor WES Turner founded the Society of Glass Technology in 1916 to bring the wider glass community together, yet significant challenges and opportunities remain.

Call for Posters
article posted 05 Dec 2015

The Conference Organisers cordially invite all who wish to offer posters for presentation at the Centenary Conference to send in their abstracts. Full details of abstract formats &c are given  here. 
We look forward to hearing from you.

Conference Banquet
article posted 10 Dec 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Conference Banquet will be held in the magnificent setting of Sheffield Cathedral, one of the most historic and iconic buildings in the city. This will take place on Wednesday 7th September. For more details please click  here. 

European Society
of Glass
joins forces with
Society of
Glass Technology
to celebrate an ancient material
with a great future

Sheffield UK
4th - 8th September 2016
SGT Centenary Conference
article posted 12 Jul 2016

The Society of Glass Technology Centenary Conference (SGT100) in Sheffield will be a significant opportunity to review the state of glass in its widest manifestations. In addition to the full programme which this conference offers, there is to be:-

Special Event
Sunday 4th September
Unique Short Course in Glass Technology

Sheffield Alumni´s Teachings in Glass and Glass-Ceramics

Two of the world's more recognized glass teachers who received their own education in glass at Sheffield band together to bring you the continuing legacy of WES Turner.

Professors Arun Varshneya of Alfred University and Edgar Zanotto of Federal University of São Carlos could claim to have taught a significant share of the world's students in glass during the past 35 years. When you attend their classroom, you know why. They are the embodiment of Sheffield glass technology department DNA. It is the foundation they built on.

Over a five hour period on Sunday 4th September 2016, Varshneya and Zanotto will cover some of the critical topics in glass science and technology:

       (1) Commercial glass composition families

       (2) What is glass? Glass structure

       (3) Viscosity

       (4) Relaxation, Glass transition, Annealing

       (5) Nucleation and crystallisation

       (6) Chemical durability

       (7) Strength and strengthening

       (8) Commercial glass making

       (9) Glass-ceramics

If you are a professional working in the glass industry or a student of glass who would wish to broaden your perspectives, get into this class for the critical thinking...

If you are a professor or experienced glass scientist, join them for a lot of fun discussions...

The Society of Glass Technology looks forward to welcoming you!

Short Course Text Book
Participants and non-participants alike will be glad to know that the material to be presented in this short course is published as a definitive book. To purchase this volume, please click  here.