Glass - Back to the Future!

article posted 30 July 2015

An invitation from
Professor Russell Hand
President of the
Society of Glass Technology

We'd like to welcome you to Sheffield in September 2016, for a very special event.

It is hard to imagine modern life without the fascinating material that is glass. We have come a long way in our use and understanding of this material since Professor WES Turner founded the Society of Glass Technology in 1916 to bring the wider glass community together, yet significant challenges and opportunities remain.

Call for Papers
article posted 05 Dec 2015

The Conference Organisers cordially invite all who wish to offer papers for presentation at the Centenary Conference to send in their abstracts. Full details are given  here. 
We look forward to hearing from you.

Conference Banquet
article posted 10 Dec 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Conference Banquet will be held in the magnificent setting of Sheffield Cathedral, one of the most historic and iconic buildings in the city. This will take place on Wednesday 7th September. For more details please click  here. 

European Society
of Glass
joins forces with
Society of
Glass Technology
to celebrate an ancient material
with a great future

Sheffield UK
4th - 8th September 2016
SGT Centenary Conference
article posted 22 Dec 2015

The Society of Glass Technology Centenary Conference (SGT100) in Sheffield will be a significant opportunity to review the state of glass in its widest manifestations. Topics will be addressed within five key themes:

  • Fundamental Glass Science
  • Applied Glass Science and Technology
  • Glass Industry, Manufacture and Applications
  • History, Heritage and Archaeometry of Glass
  • Glass Art and Craft

Conference Session Themes

These key themes will find expression in a number of focussed sessions, including:

  • Waste immobilisation and glass durability, under the auspices of ICG TC05
  • Mechanical properties of glass, under the auspices of ICG TC06
  • Glass education - what you should know about industrial glass manufacturing - under the auspices of ICG TC23
  • Glass education - what you should know about glass formation & the glassy state - under the auspices of ICG TC23
  • The Turner Legacy Symposium - Chemical Nanoheterogeneity in Glasses: Origin, Nature and Implications
  • GlassTrend - industrial and environmental sessions (open to all)
  • Furnace Solutions industrial sessions
  • British Society of Scientific Glassblowers sessions (open to all)
  • Glasses in Healthcare - a session in honour of the inventor of bioglass, the late Prof. Larry Hench

Further topics will include:

  • Glass formation, transition, relaxation and modelling
  • Archaeology and the study of ancient glass
  • Chemical durability and leaching
  • Conservation of heritage glass objects
  • Crystallisation and glass-ceramics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Physical properties of glass
  • Museums, ancient glass and the public - latest thinking
  • Non-oxide glasses
  • Optically-active glasses and coatings
  • Contemporary Studio Glassmaking
  • Energy and the environment
  • Glass melting and forming
  • Raw materials - in antiquity and in the modern world
  • Refractories and furnaces
  • Ancient glass furnaces and how they worked
  • Architectural glass
  • Conservation of historic stained and painted glass
  • Glass from an Art Historical point of view

This list is not exhaustive - the study of glass is inhearently multifaceted, so if your particular strand of glass interest is not mentioned please let us know! We'd like to incorporate as many areas of glass-related studies as possible, and will be updating this list as further information becomes available - so please revisit this page!

The Society of Glass Technology looks forward to welcoming you to the SGT100/ESG 2016 meeting in Sheffield, UK 4th-8th September 2016.