Glass - Back to the Future!

Conference Banquet
Wednesday 7th September 2016

posted 10 Dec 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Conference Banquet will be held in the magnificent setting of Sheffield Cathedral, one of the most historic and iconic buildings in the city.

There will be a Reception in the Cathedral at 7.00pm - chance to meet fellow guests and to absorb the unique ambiance of this remarkable location.

Dinner will be served at 7.45pm.

After the Banquet, there will be presentations of some of the Society of Glass Technology's prestigeous awards, including that of the SGT Alastair Pilkington award for outstanding research, given in memory he who invented the Float Glass Process - hailed as the most significant developement in glassmaking of the Twentieth Century.

Sheffield Cathedral
posted 10 Dec 2015

The Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul has been a place of worship since the 13th century. It was in the 15th century that the Sanctuary and Chancel were built, creating a traditionally cruciform plan which included a magnificent Rood Chapel later removed by order of Queen Elizabeth the First. Still surviving, however, is the 16th century hammerbeam roof.

As with many notable ancient churches, there followed periods of architectural modification and innovation as the building evolved to meet the needs of the community of people it served. There is an excellent article which charts the complex history of this remarkable building, which may be accessed  here. 

When the Diocese of Sheffield was created in 1914 this historic church, which had served for so long as the Parish Church of Sheffield, was consecrated as the Cathedral for the Bishop of the newly created see.