Glass - Back to the Future!

article posted 24 Jan 2016

We are delighted to announce that the prestigious Otto Schott Research Award will be presented as part of the Conference Opening Ceremony. This Award is presented every two years, in recognition of outstanding research contributions: more details are given  here.  You can also find details of previous awards  here. 

Call for Papers - the deadline is now passed
article posted 30 Mar 2016

The Conference Organisers regret that the deadline for submitting abstracts for Oral presentations is now passed. However the Committee cordially invite all who wish to offer papers for Poster presentation at the Centenary Conference to send in their abstracts. Full details are given  here. 
We look forward to hearing from you.

Conference Banquet
article posted 10 Dec 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Conference Banquet will be held in the magnificent setting of Sheffield Cathedral, one of the most historic and iconic buildings in the city. This will take place on Wednesday 7th September. For more details please click  here. 

European Society
of Glass
joins forces with
Society of
Glass Technology
to celebrate an ancient material
with a great future

Conference Information

Abstract file to download


Welcome Reception Sunday 6pm

Everyone Welcome. Registration takes place in Uni-central in the student union on level 4. The conference venue is marked at Number 1 on your map in your pack. <<download a copy here>>

If you are using the tram ask for the University of Sheffield Tram stop. Buses that serve the University are 7a, 51,52, 52a, 120, 271,273,274,275.

Registration opens at 9am on Sunday and will remain there for the duration of the event.
Here you will receive your conference pack including abstract book, programme and other helpful information as well as a mini highlighter to help you plan your days. You will also receive any tickets for booked events and your conference badge. Please wear your badge at all times.

The University accommodation is at the Edge- Endcliffe Student Village - S10 3ED. Number 3 on the map in your pack. If you have booked university accommodation please collect your keys from here. The porters will be available 24 hours for you to collect your key.

City Taxis 0114 239 3939
Keep up to date

Use twitter handle #SGT100 to keep up to date with events and changes.

article posted 01 Feb 2016

An invitation from
Professor Russell Hand
President of the
Society of Glass Technology

We'd like to welcome you to Sheffield in September 2016, for a very special event.

It is hard to imagine modern life without the fascinating material that is glass. We have come a long way in our use and understanding of this material since Professor WES Turner founded the Society of Glass Technology in 1916 to bring the wider glass community together, yet significant challenges and opportunities remain.

The Society of Glass Technology Centenary Conference (SGT100) in Sheffield will be a significant opportunity to review the state of glass in its widest manifestations - from the theoretical challenges of understanding the glassy state and the glass transition to the latest developments in the application of glasses in windows and containers, information technology, medical applications and waste vitrification, as well as the history and artistic applications of glass.

We are proud that the SGT100 meeting is also the 2016 European Society of Glass (ESG 2016) meeting - a meeting that traditionally has a strong industrial focus and thus we therefore look forward to a conference that brings people from all parts of the glass community together.

Plenary and keynote talks, invited talks, contributed papers and poster sessions will cover all aspects of glass science, technology, manufacture, engineering, art, archaeometry and heritage. Topics will be addressed within five key themes:

  • Fundamental Glass Science
  • Applied Glass Science and Technology
  • Glass Industry, Manufacture and Applications
  • History, Heritage and Archaeometry of Glass
  • Glass Art and Craft

At this stage opportunities exist for interested parties to develop their own focussed sessions for the meeting. If you are interested in proposing additional sessions please contact [email protected]

The Society of Glass Technology looks forward to welcoming you to the SGT100/ESG 2016 meeting in Sheffield, UK 4th-8th September 2016.

Sheffield UK
4th - 8th September 2016
SGT Centenary Conference
University of Sheffield - Student's Union Building, Durham Road, Sheffield S10 2TG

There is Durham Road Q Park right behind the Students Union Bulding, obvisouly being City Centre based there is no free parking nearby. Click on the above link to download a map

Keynote Speakers

article posted 01 Feb 2016

We are delighted to be able to welcome a number of eminent Keynote Speakers to enrich the programme of this SGT Centenary Conference. Among them are:

 Emma R Barney  
(University of Nottingham, UK)
Neutron and X-ray diffraction studies of optical glasses

 Georges Calas 
(Marie-Curie University, Paris, France)
Transition elements and glass coloration

 Claire L. Corkhill 
An evaluation of the mechanisms and kinetics of UK simulant nuclear waste glass dissolution under high pH conditions

 Claes-Goran Granqvist 
(Uppsala University, Sweden)
Electrochromic and thermochromic thin films and devices: Towards a new paradigm for glazings

 Robert Hill 
New Halogen Containing Bioactive Glasses For Use as A Toothpaste Additives

 Myrtille Hunault 
(University of Utrecht, Netherlands)
Colours of the stained glass windows of the Sainte-Chapelle of Paris.

Bill Lee
(Imperial College, London, UK)
Glass Composite Materials

 Atsunobu Masuno 
(Hirosaki University, Japan)
Functional oxide glasses prepared by a levitation technique

 James Neeway  
(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Recent Advances in the Understanding of Nuclear Waste Glass Durability through the Use of Stable Isotopes.

 Jingong Pan 
(COE Apollo, China)
Continuously Promoting Technical Innovation and Cooperation of Chinese Glass Industry,Building Glass Community of Low-Carbon Development

Ian Pegg,
(Catholic University of America)
Glass Formulation Optimisation for Treatment of Nuclear Wastes

Christian Rüssel
(Otto Schott Institute, Jena, Germany)
New Aluminosilicate glasses for high performance laser applications

Jas Sanghera
(Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
Next Generation Multiband Glass Optics for Sensor Systems

 Setsuhisa Tanabe 
Glass and Rare-Earth Elements

 Anita Zeidler 
(University of Bath, UK)
Pressure induced structural changes in fundamental glasses