Glass - Back to the Future!

Speakers and Abstracts
article posted 15 Dec 2015

In the right hand column is a list of papers for the Centenary Conference identified by Presenting Author (in alphabetic order of surname) and paper title.

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Sheffield UK
4th - 8th September 2016
SGT Centenary Conference

European Society
of Glass
joins forces with
Society of
Glass Technology
to celebrate an ancient material
with a great future

History & Heritage Presentations:

 Alun Adams 
The "Stained Glass" of Frank Roper: Issues of Restoration
 Henry Amos 
Innovation in closed loop recycling of glass in built environments
 Fanny Alloteau 
Zinc salts protection treatment for ancient glass objects showing atmospheric degradation in Museums
 Colin Brain 
The Industrialisation of British Flint Glass 1682 - 1702
 Natan Capobianco 
The colour of stained glasses in the Reims Cathedral
 Jonathan Cooke  
Glass jigsaw puzzles; a conservator's notebook
 Inęs Coutinho 
From black to blue: characterising a colour change phenomenon occurring in glass wine bottles dated between the 17th and 18th centuries
 Martin Crampin 
Medievalism and Modernity in Twentieth-century Ecclesiastical Stained Glass
 Shelley Doolan 
Incidental learning: A paradigm shift in art glass education
 Ferdinand Drünert 
Why are opaque red glasses opaque and red?
 Elzbieta Greiner-Wronowa 
Study of corroded glass-metal joints from archaeological excavation as well as from museum exposition
 Jianyong Guo 
Inside glass painting
 Barbora Holubová 
Investigation on protective hybrid silica coatings on historical glass: Recent advances and final steps
 Myrtille Hunault 
Spectroscopy of transition metal ions in stained glass windows: from colour to history
 Choi Keeryong 
The development of inlaid colouring technique for hot-glass making process
 Oksana Kondratyeva 
Capturing the Glass: Interdisciplinary Approach
 Stephen P Koob 
Materials and Techniques for Filling Losses in Broken Glasses
 Claudine Loisel  
Western rose restoration of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris A transdisciplinary study of the glass colors
 Hans Reiner Meindl 
Mouth blown UV protective window glass ~ Projects, experiences and further developments
 Kalliopi Nikita 
Technology and Production of Glass in Mycenaean Greece: Origins, Evolution and Networks of Interaction
 Tyra Oseng-Rees 
The aesthetic investigation of a new recycled glass material
 Inge Panneels 
Through the Looking Glass: 100 years of Art and Science
 Caitlyn E. Phipps 
Protecting Scotland’s historic window glass:
A study looking at the measures being taken to protect
one of the most vulnerable materials in buildings

 António Pires de Matos 
A journey of the glass colours through three Portuguese arcana
 Stephen Pollock-Hill 
Shiver my Timbers, and Daylight Robbery”, or Traditional v Modern- might this be the reason for the first major decline in British Traditional Glassmaking?
 Trinitat Pradell 
16th, 17th and 20th century stain glass from the cathedral of Segovia
 Alexandra Rodrigues 
The Glass Collection of King Ferdinand II Portugal: A ToF-SIMS study of glass corrosion
 S K Sundaram 
GLASSARTENGINE - Teaching Across Art & Engineering
 Márcia Vilarigues 
Glasspaints following documentary sources
 Jamie Weaver 
Application of Research into Ancient Glasses to the Development of a Long-Term Glass Corrosion Mechanism for Vitrified Nuclear Waste

History & Heritage Posters:

 Dagmar Galusková 
Corrosion Of Metal/Glass Joints In Acetic Acid Vapours
 Josef Hormes 
The “cleaning” of corroded historic stained glasses: an investigation using synchrotron radiation based x-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption (XANES) spectroscopy
 Mohamed Aly Zenhom 
The activation of Glass Engraving in Architectural Facades in Egypt