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Speakers and Abstracts
article posted 15 Dec 2015

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Sheffield UK
4th - 8th September 2016
SGT Centenary Conference

European Society
of Glass
joins forces with
Society of
Glass Technology
to celebrate an ancient material
with a great future


 Ifty Ahmed 
Novel Microstructural Features in Phosphate Glass Microspheres for Cell and Biomaterial Interactions
 Merve Akdemir 
Experimental Investigation of the Parameters Affecting the Selenium Retention in Soda-Lime Silicate Glasses
 Oliver Alderman 
Changes in local structure about Ti and Fe during melting and glass formation
 Benjamin Allsopp 
The effects of do metal ion doping on the optical properties and structure of soda lime silica glasses for photovoltaic applications
 Jamila Almuhamadi 
Investigations into the Structure-Property relationships in CaMgSi2O6-NaAlSi2O6 glasses
.  Daniel J. Backhouse 
Is the International Simple Glass a Valid Analogue for the Dissolution of UK High-Level Waste Glass at High-pH?
 Guillaume Barba Rossa 
The Transport and settling of platinum-group-metal particles in glass melts
 Sean T. Barlow 
Glass formulations for Magnox Sludge Immobilisation
 Gesine Bergmann 
Influences on the temperature distribution of gobs as a precondition for the production of lightweight hollow ware
 Enrico Bernardo 
Novel route for bioactive glass-ceramics based on
preceramic polymers and reactive oxide fillers

 Carsten Blaeß 
New bioactive glasses with improved sintering behavior
 Aldo R. Boccaccini  
Osteogenic Differentiation and Angiogenic Potential of Alkaline Phosphatase Functionalized Boron-based Bioactive Glass Scaffolds
 Christian Bocker  
Nano crystallisation in glass ceramics affected by liquid/liquid phase separation in non-isochemical systems
 Petra Boehm 
Ageing of different flat glass samples under atmospheric conditions
 Delia S. Brauer 
Ion release from mixed alkali phospho-silicate glasses
 Michael Brownhill 
Understanding the value of precision process control
 Radchada Buntem 
The investigation on colours and oxidation states of transition metal
ions in glass and sapphire

 Stefano Ceola 
Glass Cullet: Quality Assesment And Rejects Overview
 Patrice Charvin 
Innovative glass melting and stirring process via molten metal
 Nolwenn Chouard 
Challenging elements incorporation in nuclear borosilicate glass:
the French formulation experience

  Jamieson Christie 
Understanding the solubility of phosphate-based glass from computer simulation
  Georgia Christopoulou 
Understanding the in-service behaviour of a new low biopersistent high temperature thermal insulation fibre material
 Mária Chromcíková 
Thermodynamic model and selected physical properties of glasses for Chrompik vitrification
 Manoj Choudhary 
Heat Transfer Phenomena in Fibrous Insulation
 Louis Forto Chungong 
Structural characterisation of novel calcium zinc silicates / germanate glasses
 Corinne Claireaux 
Atomic mobility in calcium and sodium aluminosilicate melts at 1200°C
 Jack Clarke 
Vitrification as a means of reworking problematic cemented nuclear waste forms
 Mark Cole 
Energy efficiency and quality improvement on end-port regenerative fired furnace by Reverse Hot Spot Boosting
 Murilo C. Crovace 
The mixed alkali effect (MAE) in the sintering of Bioglass 45S5-based compositions
 Jean-Marc Delaye 
Structural and mechanical property changes under ballistic effects in borosilicate glasses: a classical molecular dynamics study
 Joachim Deubener 
Glass stability vs. glass forming ability – A crystal nucleation study
 Joaquín de Diego 
atFuel savings and Operating Experience with OPTIMELT™ Thermo-chemical Regenerators on a 50 tons Commercial Container Glass Furnace
 Alicia Durán 
Nd3+ doped transparent oxyfluoride nano glass-ceramics obtained by melting and sol-gel
 Fatma El-Batal 
In vitro bioactivity behavior of some soda lime borate glasses
and their glass- ceramic derivatives containing Zn2+, Ag+, Cu2+
or all of them by immersion in phosphate solution

 Fouad El-Diasty 
Compositional dependence of optical constants in lead borate glasses containing varying amounts of chromium and germanium oxides
 Rawan El Hayek 
The influence of Al,B substitution on the properties and structure of lime aluminoborate glasses and melts
 Nicola Favaro 
Chemical Agents Exposure in the Glass Industry: assessment and main issues
 Steve Feller 
Dimensionless Density: Packing and Structure in Oxide Glass Systems
 Adam J. Fisher 
Measurement of the Forward Dissolution Rate of the International Simple Glass using the Single-Pass-Flow-Through Method
 Bernhard Fleischmann 
Biogas and Glass: Partial substitution of natural gas with raw biogas for melting glass
 Edwin Flikkema 
Molecular Dynamics simulation of ion motion in alkali-silicates
 Nikos Galanakis 
Using topological methods to characterize radiation damage effects in iron phosphate glasses
 Laurence Galoisy 
Zirconium as local probe for oxide glass and glass-ceramic structures
 Dušan Galusek 
Transition metals doped aluminate and aluminosilicate glasses with broadband luminescence in visible wavelengths
 Michel Gaubil  
How to improve glass quality with furnace design and advanced refractory solution for superstructure
 Tadeáš Gavenda  
Comparison of structural response of glasses irradiated by electrons: Vitreous silica versus binary alkali-silicate glass
 Ondrej Gedeon  
Configuration entropy and glass transition in Molecular dynamics
 Malcolm Glendenning  
Driving innovation in healthcare through novel bioactive glass materials
 Hande Gover 
Diffusional Strengthening of Glass
 Lawan Umar Grema 
The effects of network formers and modifiers on the thermal and electrical properties of boro-aluminosilicate sealing glasses for Solid Oxide fuel Cells.
 Kristin Griebenow  
Structure and properties of mixed divalent metaphosphate glasses and the mixed cation effect
 Burcin Gul 
A Numerical Investigation of Side Through Port and Under Port Firing Systems In Float Glass Furnaces
 Sergey I. Gutnikov 
Methods to improve mechanical properties of basalt fiber
 Fikret Hacizade 
A Validation Of Area Stress Measurements In Float Glass Manufacturing
 Alex C. Hannon 
Structure of lithium germanate glasses by neutron diffraction with isotopic substitution
 Mike Harrison 
Product quality assessment of alternative glass formulations for vitrification of nuclear waste streams containing high concentrations of sodium
 Ales Helebrant 
Corrosion of Glass Fibres in Concrete
 Gundula Helsch 
Antireflective coatings with photocatalytic activity
 Andreas Herrmann 
Ce3+:YAG and Ce3+:LuAG glass ceramics for use in white LEDs
produced by a sintering technique and Ce3+:YAG precipitation
from a glass

 Kim O. Hofmann 
Faradaic rectification of alternating currents at a Pt electrode in contact with a glass melt
 Jana Holubová 
Structural Investigation and Properties of Gallium Zinc Phosphate Glasses
 Lukášs Hrbek 
Optimum energy distribution in a simulated 3D flow-through model for glass melt homogenization
 Pavel Hrma 
Feed-to-melt conversion process
 Mathieu Hubert 
Simulation of industrial glass melting process steps at the lab scale
 Richard Hulme  
Mental Models
 Carolin Huhn 
Isothermal and non-isothermal activation energy for crystal growth in a silicate glass
 Adam Hunt 
Developments in the use of fluoride-free glasses to control heat transfer in the continuous casting of peritectic grade steels
 Leena Hupa 
Robocasting of S53P4 Bioactive Glass Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
 Norfadhilah Ibrahim 
Impact of different amount of alkaline earth on the properties of boroaluminosilicate glass
 Rob Ireson 
Novel laser-glass materials: From lab to market
 Himanshu Jain 
Conversion of glass to single crystal via solid-solid transformation
 Shelley James 
Parallel practices: photonic glass and quantum phenomena
 Marcela Jebavá 
Options of improvement of glass melt flow in a container furnace
 Ray-Jay Jeng 
Direct bonding of tellurite glass film on substrate materials at room temperature
 Julian R Jones 
Bioglass and bioactive glass scaffolds: foams v 3D printed
 Cecile Jousseaume 
Crystallization in the Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glass system
 Ilyes Ben Kacem 
The role of Al and Ca on properties and structural variation in lead silicate glasses and melts
 Rikiya Kado 
Structural Alteration of Sodium-Aluminosilicate Glass Batch Using High-temperature Raman Spectroscopy
 Sven-Roger Kahl 
The effect of batch composition on energy consumption – a new research project proposal
 Efstratios I. Kamitsos 
Vibrational study of femtosecond laser-irradiated ULE glass
 Stefan Karlsson 
Increasing chemical resistance and improving mechanical properties of cover glass to PV modules
 Yudai Katagami  
Identification of bubble generation potential of glass melts with low DC and AC voltage by direct observation
 Khouler Khan 
Intelligent manufacturing of bulk chalcogenide glass
 Pinit Kidkhunthod 
A Combination of Extended X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Computer Simulation Study on Praseodymium Gallate Glass
 Miae Kim 
Borate glasses with high rare-earth oxides waste loading
 Markus Kleine 
Flashed glass: chemical and structural characterization using synchrotron radiation based X-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption near edge (XANES) spectroscopy
 Balazs Kobzi  
Preparation and structural analysis of SnOx•SiO2visible light activated photocatalytic glasses by 119mSn-Mössbauer spectroscopy
 Hirohide Kofuji 
Vitrification properties of MA adsorbents
 Klara Kölker  
Glass Development for Fibre Applications
 Katsushige Komatsu  
Search of vitrification matrix with high-loading capacity-change of chemical durability and MoO3 solubility with B2O3 and Al2O3 contents-
 Ladislav Koudelka 
Structural studies of barium borophosphate glasses by Raman and NMR spectroscopies
 Elena Krekhova 
Defining of the damage threshold of optical materials, used as
laser active medium with the help of a new system

 Susanne Krüger 
Towards single crystallization events of glass-forming liquids in DSC experiments
 Teo Kubiena 
Investigation of cytotoxicity of mid-infrared optical fibres for use in in vivo mid-infrared optical biopsy
 Shiro Kubuki 
Mössbauer study of photocatalytic iron alumino-sililcate glass and its possibilities of preparation from waste slag
 Chuck.R. Kurkjian 
Crack Initiation and Plasticity in Silicate Glasses
 Quyen Le 
Cu2+ as probe ions in covalent and ionic glass systems with varying optical basicity Λth from 0.3 to 0.8
 Jörg Leicher 
Modeling Oxy-Fuel Combustion in Industrial Furnaces:
Challenges and Advances

 Gérald Lelong 
Optical and X-ray absorption spectroscopies of iron in minerals and glasses: experiment and theory
 Stéphane Lemonnier 
Development of In-Can Melting Process Applied to the vitrification of High Activity Waste Solutions (HAWS): Glass characterization and process tests results
 Ailing Li 
Sol-Gel bioactive glasses with stable pH value in SBF
 Felix Lind 
Raman spectroscopic investigation of structural changes in ULE glass upon micro-indentation
 Matthias Lindig 
Realization of the Sorg ARD regenerative chamber design
 Matthias Lindig 
Sorg EME-NEND charger and IRD Doghouse - a successful development
 Marek Liška 
Thermodynamic model and viscosity of glasses for Chrompik vitrification
 Nadja Lonnröth 
Precipitation of copper halides in aluminoborosilicate glasses
 Guglielmo Macrelli 
Some “unconventional” analytical solutions to diffusion equations
in thermal ion exchange in silicate glasses

 Phillip M. Mallinson 
Development of a glass-ceramic seal for Ti-6Al-4V
 Colleen Mann 
Interactions between simulant vitrified nuclear wastes and idealised cement leachates
 Zully Matamoros-Veloza 
Preparation of porous glass from waste TV panel glasses
 Jun Matsuoka 
Effect of the partial substitution of calcium to other divalent cations on the viscosity of ternary soda lime silicate glass
 John S. McCloy 
In-Situ Crystallization Experiments of Nuclear Waste Glass Ceramics
 Owen J. McGann 
The application of novel ‘Hazmelt’ waste vitrification technology to the vitrification of ‘Magnox Sludge’ simulant waste and other ILWs.
 Brian Metcalfe 
Effect of nucleation temperature on the hardness of a lithium zinc silicate glass
 Michal Miekina 
Immobilisation of Mo and Zr rich nuclear wastes in borosilicate glasses
 Yoshiyuki Miura 
Study for composition dependence of chemical durability of high waste loading simulated HLLW glass
 Günter Möbus 
Electron Beam Patterning of Glasses via Metal Nanoparticle Precipitation
 Erik Muijsenberg 
The self driving glass melting process
 Kunihiko Nakano 
Investigation of volatile constituents migration during vitrification
using small scale melter

 Yuko Nakatsuka 
Large Faraday Effect of Amorphous Iron-containing Silicate Thin Films
 Daniel R. Neuville 
Alkaline and Earth alkaline elements a probe to understand redox and nucleation processes
 Elizabeth Norris 
3-D Electrsopun Bioactive Glasses for Soft Tissue
 Alexey Novikov 
BaO–Al2O3–SiO2 glasses and melts: from nano- to macroscale
 Toshiaki Ohira 
MoO3 solubility in alkali-borosilicate melts :Implications to yellow phase separation in high-level waste glass
 Michael I. Ojovan 
Fundamentals of the glass transition and vitreous materials for nuclear waste immobilisation
 Toshiro Oniki 
Development of glass melting process for LLW-Glass formulation testing to be compatible with composition changes
 Armenak A. Osipov 
Raman spectroscopic study of Fe-containing ZnO-B2O3 glasses
 Martin B. Østergaard 
Influence of foaming agents on both the structure and the thermal conductivity of silicate glasses
 Theresia Palenta 
Kinetics of the zeolite collapse
 Teresa Palomar 
The role of marine ions in the aqueous alteration of silicate glasses
 Teresa Palomar 
Effect of marine aerosols on the alteration of silicate glasses
 Zhiwen Pan 
FEM simulation of a light scattering multimode fibre and its fabrication procedure
 Andrew J. Parsons 
The Long Road to Phosphate Glass Reinforcing Fibres
 Georg M. Partzsch 
Replacement of Lead in Gold Ruby Glass Made by Swarovski
 Nadia Pellerin 
Relations between silver nano crystallization and glass structure in silicate matrices
 Damien Perret 
Glass formulation approach for mixed nuclear waste treatment using PIVIC incineration-vitrification In Can process
 Barbara Pföss 
Wetting and microscale form filling behaviour of bioactive glass melts
 Oliver Pinet 
Role of noble metal on nuclear glass properties
 Richard Pokorny 
Conversion of nuclear waste melter feed into glass:
Development and application of the cold cap mathematical model

 Jae-Young Pyo 
Tellurite glasses for immobilization of Tc-99 from pyro-processing technology
 Dong Qiu 
An alternative way to endue silicate bioactivity and its potential impact
 Farah Raja 
The antimicrobial efficacy of cobalt and zinc doped phosphate based glasses on Gram positive and negative bacteria
 Elise Régnier 
Ag-solubility in borosilicate nuclear glass
 Aaron Reupert 
Improving light emission performance of side emitting fibers with a fluorescent coating
 Acacio Rincón 
Production of glass foams by a novel gel casting technique
 Alisson Mendes Rodrigues 
Isothermal and non-isothermal activation energy for crystal growth in a silicate glass
 Hans Roggendorf 
Chemical reactivity of slag glasses from hot metal production as a function of cooling and composition
 Tanguy Rouxel 
Indentation-cracking behavior and structural characteristics:
Copper-borate, titanium-silicate, oxynitride, and chalcogenide glasses

 Christian Rüssel 
New Alumosilicate Glasses for High Performance Laser Applications
 Jas Sanghera 
Next Generation Multiband Glass Optics for Sensor Systems
 Claudia-Tatiana Santos Maldonado 
P2O5-Na2O-CaO-ZrO2 bioglasses for biomedical applications
 Vincenzo M Sglavo 
Effect of salt impurities on the chemical strengthening of float glass by ion-exchange
 Byoungjin So 
Buried Active Waveguides Containing Lead Sulphide Quantum Dots
 Rafal Sindut 
Influence of modifiers on the spectroscopic properties of Er3+ ions in TeO2-P2O5-ZnO-PbF2 glasses
  Mohamed Toufik Soltani 
Structural investigations of binary glasses Sb2O3-Na2O by Raman, FTIR and optical spectroscopy using Co2+ as probe ion
 Lucas P. Souza 
Bioactivity Of Niobium-Doped Glasses: An In Vivo And In Vitro Experimental Study
 James R. Stevens 
Underpinning the transition from MW to Ca/Zn glass frit for HLW vitrification on UK WVP
 Martina Stoica 
Effect of UV exposure on the crystallization and optical properties in a CaF2 photo thermal refractive glass
 Bryan W. Stuart;
Structural Variability and Dissolution Characteristics of RF Magnetron Sputtered Ion-Doped Phosphate Based Glass Coatings
 Toru Sugawara 
Heat capacity of alkaline-earth alumino borosilicate glasses and liquids
 S K Sundaram 
Glasses for Photomultiplier Tube for Neutrino Detection:
Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Evaluation

 Peter Sundberg  
Use of reactive gases in the tempering process towards ultra-thin glasses for solar energy applications
 Laura Ann Swansbury 
Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Chlorine-Containing Oxide Glasses
 Akira Takada  
Geometrical modelling of silica crystals and glasses
 Shengheng Tan 
Vitrification of intermediate level Magnox sludge nuclear waste containing metals
 Mariona Tarrago  
Incorporation of P and Ca in basaltic glass: application to waste management
 Clare L. Thorpe  
Leaching methodologies to evaluate the durability of Intermediate Low Activity Waste (ILAW) glasses
 Darinka Tokarcíková 
Time evolution of glass knots’ chemical composition followed by advanced statistical methods
 S. Fiona Turner 
Infra-red Temperature Measurement on Thermally Tempered Low Emissivity Glass
 Tsuyoshi Usami 
Solidification of nuclear waste containing molybdenum and sulfur
 Shuchi Vaishnav 
Multi Spectroscopic Characterization of Binary and Ternary Silicate Glasses Doped with Sulphate and Chloride ions
 Ulrike Veit 
Melting Peaks of CMAS-Glass Melts Determined via DTA
 Oscar Verheijen 
Practical measures to reduce emissions and to align
with environmental legislation.

 Jan Viduna 
HRe™ Oxy-Fuel Burner, the First Smart Burner for the Glass Industry
 Jamie Weaver 
Chemometric Determination of the Localized Chemistry of 99Tc in Vitrified Nuclear Waste Glasses
 Thorben Welter 
Indentation study of zinc aluminosilicate glasses
 Peter West 
Container Glass Furnace Design and Operation"
 Lothar Wondraczek  
Palladium in glass
 Tetsuji Yano 
Development of the aluminoborosilicate glass system with high-loading capacity of HLW using a new combinatorial approach
 Edgar Dutra Zanotto 
The effect of nanoheterogeneities (liquid-liquid phase separation) on crystal nucleation in glass-forming silicate liquids


 Ali Saleh Alzahrani 
Effect of TiO2 on crystallizations of alkali rich alumina-silicate glasses
 Andrea Barz 
Development of a new Joining Technology for coated optical Components
 Carsten Blaeß 
Crack healing in glass matrix composites
 Carsten Blaeß 
Sintering and crystallization of new bioactive glasses
 Jens Bliedtner  
Influences Of Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding On Glass Materials
 Jens Bliedtner  
Development of a reflector system to enhance efficiency and quality of the laser- based glass tube joining process
 Aldo R. Boccaccini  
Development And Characterization Of Niobium Ion Releasing Silicate Bioactive Glasses
 Olivier Bouty 
Combined XAS investigation and atomistic simulations of a borosilicate Cm-doped glass related to nuclear waste confinement
 Pavlína Bozdechová  
Development of environmentally friendly coloured glass
 Clive Brigden  
Titanosilicate glasses for the immobilisation of high soda wastes
 Michela Buscemi  
Structure of glassy B2O3-GeO2 by using neutron diffraction with isotope substitution
 Altair Contreras Jaimes  
Degradable bioactive glasses for development of aluminium free bone cements
 Ferdinand Drünert 
Characterization of Various Copper Microcrystals in Different Glasses - A Multi-Method Approach
 Olga Dymshits 
Rare earth niobates as luminescent nucleating agents in transparent glass-ceramics
 Mariana Fatobene Ando 
Are there P-O-P bonds in phosphosilicate glasses with low P2O5
 Bernhard Fleischmann 
Gas Quality and Glass Quality – The impact of fuel gas quality on the glass production process (BMWi Research Number 03ET1296 A to D)
 Shirley K. Fong 
Development of high CTE glass-ceramics for sealing
 Sindy Fuhrmann 
In-situ SAXS during indentation on borosilicate glasses
 Kristin Griebenow  
Mixed cation effect in xMgO-(1-x)SrO-P2O5 metaphosphate glasses
 Ashley Hill 
Understanding and Development of Pseudo Glass Film for Grain Oriented Electrical Steel
 Sam Hollings 
Neutron Diffraction and NMR to determine the short range order of Sr substituted Apatite-Wollastonite bioactive glasses.
 Raluca Iordanescu 
Spin coating depositions from sol-gel rare-earth doped boron-phosphate systems
 Raluca Iordanescu 
Structural, morphological and magnetic properties of Ce3+ and Tb3+- doped silico-phosphate sol-gel thin films
 Md Towhidul Islam 
In vitro bioactivity and degradation studies of novel phosphate based glasses for biomedical applications
 Petr Kalenda 
BaO-Nb2O5-P2O5 glasses and their crystallization
 Kicheol Kim 
Voltammetry and Oxygen Activity of Glass Melts in Fused Silica Crucible
 Elena Krekhova 
Development of Special Flint Glass Production Technology
 Armin Lenhart 
Specific Heat Capacity of Amorphous Materials near the Absolute Zero
 Felix Lind 
Electro-thermal poling of new Sb2O3-based multicomponent heavy metal oxide glasses
 Quyen Le 
Structural and spectroscopic analyses of copper doped fluoride phosphate sulfate glasses
 Greg Moody 
Density Driven Structural Transformations in Magnesium Silicate Glass
 Petr Mosner 
Structure and properties of La2O3 containing lead phosphate and borophosphate glasses
 Khalid Rmaydh Muhammed 
Preparation of Sodium Potassium Niobate Glass-Ceramics using a Melt Processing Technique
 Lenka Müller 
Sol-gel- derived ZrO2 coatings - preparation and characterization
 Ralf Müller 
Hydrogen Permeability of Glass Measured with VHE-MS Powder Methods
 Ralf Müller 
High-Temperature Laser Profilometry
 Yuko Nakatsuka 
Direct Observation of Metallic Iron Nanoclusters in Amorphous Iron-containing Silicate Thin Film
 Bob Newport 
Unidentified deposits observed on Canterbury Cathedral’s Nave windows
 Vera Pukhkaya 
Composition effect of Na-aluminosilicate glasses on its mechanical properties
 Prashant Rajbhandari 
The effect of Al2O3 doping on its thermal stability of low-Tgphosphate based glasses.
 Judith Renaud 
Dissolution kinetics of apatites in borosilicate glass melt
 Nagia Tagiara 
TeO2 and zinc-tellurite glasses: properties, structure and second harmonic generation by electro-thermal poling
 Tracey Taylor 
The vitrification of molybdenum rich waste streams in a Ca/Zn borosilicate glass