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Presenting Author:
Zhiwen Pan

article posted 18 May 2015

Zhiwen Pan has done his Ph.D. in the fiber optics group in Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena, Germany. He is currently a research associate at the Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research, where he works on simulations in the Glass Chemistry Group II. His research interests focus on finite element simulations for physical or engineering problems and molecule dynamic simulations for material science.

FEM simulation of a light scattering multimode fibre and its fabrication procedure

Zhiwen Pan, Lothar Wondraczek
Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research, Fraunhoferstr. 6, 07743 Jena, Germany

We will present a simulation study on the light scattering multimode fibres. With these results, the beam power in the fibre cores that leaks to the cladding and the environment has been investigated. One aim of this work is to tailor the portion of light that transmitted out of the fibre along its length (e.g. homogeneously distributed). Such fibres have potential applications as high efficient diffusive light sources for innovative decoration design [1], UV sources for photobioreactors [2] and IR sources for medical treatments [3]. Currently, most of the light scattering effects in optical fibres are induced by scatter centres inside. Our study proposes another mechanism for light scattering from optical fibres. As will be shown later, the ability of our tailoring is more feasible as compared to the tailoring of the size, number density and distribution of the scattering centres in fibres. Finally, a simulation of preparation of such fibres during fibre drawing process will also be presented.


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