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Presenting Author:
Sven-Roger Kahl

article posted 6 April 2016

Sven-Roger Kahl is the Manager Glass Technology Europe with Ardagh Glass (Container). He graduated in 1988 from the Russian University of Chemical Engineering with a MSc in glass technology. He has been working in the industry since 1988 in forming, glass technology and quality control.

The effect of batch composition on energy consumption a new research project proposal

Sven-Roger Kahl* & Oscar Verheijen,
Ardagh Glass Dongen B.V. & Celsian Glass & Solar B.V.

A better understanding of the influence batch to melt conversion has on the total energy consumption of a glass melting furnace is one of the necessary conditions needed to design batches that can be melted with less energy.
Based on targets defined in the Dutch roadmap 2030 and the British Glass Decarbonisation roadmap 2050 CelSian, the Dutch commission on glass technology (NCNG) and the Dutch Enterprise Agency organised an Expert workshop in 2015. The outcome of the presented papers and discussions is used to define a project proposal for an international research project. Aim of the project is to develop a methodology to characterize batches in relation to their contribution to the energy consumption of a real melter.
This paper gives an overview about the approach to the expert workshop, the outcome of the workshop and describes the project proposal in a nutshell.
Interested parties are invited to participate in the project to join forces for a greater success of the research work.