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Presenting Author:
Mohamed Aly Zenhom
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article posted 28 April 2016

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Aly Zenhom

The activation of Glass Engraving in Architectural Facades in Egypt

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Aly Zenhom* Dr. Azza Osman Ibrahim**
*Professor * former President of Glass Dept. Faculty of Applied Arts Helwan university, Cairo Egypt.
**Design Manager in A3R Center for Architectural Beautification & Restoration, Cairo Egypt.

Engraving techniques consider one of the used techniques during the different times. That, such art was spread in the world's countries since the beginning of 19th century, as its implementation ways could be vary, some of such ways; Carborundum wheel engraving, Diamond point engraving, Drill or rotary engraving, Copper wheel engraving that covered with carborundum powder, and Sandblast engraving.
Then at the 20th century, a new development has been occurred, this by using laser in glass engraving.
The engraving field needs to the availability of information on scientific and artistic basics of design and applying by the different mechanical ways and by using laser.

The architectural facades in Egypt are exposing sometimes to the direct sun ray, the strong wind and dust, so we must choose types of the architectural covering and murals, in particular the relevant types with the external facades, as it must be carefully selected against the strength and the strong reflections that resulted from engraving.

Therefore, it could specify the research's problem: The need to save the scientific basics and technological data of the modern engraving methods on glass in a way fits with the Egyptian Architecture.

Research Importance:

* The research importance returns to the development of the innovative process in design by using glass engraving and light falling on such technique as it has features serving the Egyptian Architecture.

Research Goal:

* To reach to designs of the engraved glass can fit for the Egyptian architectural facades, maintaining its identification, can't be affected with the weather of the Egyptian environment and helping to spread the engraved glass facades.

Through the made studies with the research, it could reach making new techniques with the treated glass laser engraving for the architectural facades in a way fits with the spirit of the Islamic and Egyptian art in a modern vision.