Glass - Back to the Future!

Presenting Author:
Michel Gaubil

article posted 22 March 2016

Michel Gaubil, Graduate as Material Science Engineer and PHD in Physics and Chemistry of Materials (from French National Research Institute CRNS studying High temperature and Irradiated Material Physical Properties ) From more than 20 years in Saint-Gobain R&D organization at different position , now Glass Refractory Expert Manager for SEFPRO , Senior Scientist for Saint-Gobain Ceramic Research Center in France (SG CREE ) and Manager of EPS2 group in CREE

How to improve glass quality with furnace design and advanced refractory solution for superstructure

Isabelle Cabodi 1 & Michel Gaubil 1 * & Banu Copuroglu 2 & Burak Izmirlioglu 2
1 : Saint Gobain CREE , 550 av Alphonse Jauffret Cavaillon France 2 : SISECAM Is Kuleleri, Kule 3 34330 4 Levent Istanbul Turkey

In order to produce a very high quality tableware product in specific glass composition a tight collaboration has been conducted between SISEACAM RTD and SEFPRO R&D. A new refractory solution has been achieved for superstructure of the new furnace design needed for the required production quality criteria. Some refractory test analysis on different fused cast material including new AZS lowex product and fused cast Alumina will be presented taking into account the constraints of this application. Thermo mechanical properties as well as corrosion resistance will be discussed for refractory choice. The optimized combination of these different refractory products that are decided for this glass furnace design will be described Some pictures made by endoscopy after heating up that confirm the lab test results will also be shown. The glass quality improvement based on defined specific glass defect analysis strategy will be presented. The glass defect level of the previous campaign is compared with the results of this campaign.which points out that the right furnace operation and the material selection allows the significant decrease in glass defects level. Finally shared benefits from this collaboration will be pointed out.