Glass - Back to the Future!

Presenting Author:
Michael Brownhill

article posted 22 March 2016

Michael Brownhill is the UK Business Development Manager for Power Products and Glass, at Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric. Since joining the company in 2009, he has gained experience in Eurotherm’s full range of products, systems and services, firstly in the sale of process control and data acquisition, and more recently in the development of power and glass related business.

Understanding the value of precision process control

René R. Meuleman & Michael Brownhill*
Global Glass Industry Technical Leader, Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric
*UK Business Development Manager for Power Products and Glass, Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric.

There's no sense in being precise when you don't even know what you're talking about” is a direct quotation from Professor John von Neumann (1) that resonates with process control professionals. René Meuleman explains some of the hidden benefits in high-end precision process control products and solutions compared to cheaper, more basic control. Sometimes, it can be a challenge for glass manufacturers to understand why they should consider specific products and systems to achieve the best process control for their application. The benefits are often based on unfamiliar technical specifications and terminology, which makes it hard to see the value in what they are paying for. It is useful for both system suppliers and end users to learn more about what to look for before making a decision to sell or purchase a specific system. The lecture and the paper belonging to it will cover the precision and reproducibility of a normal temperature control loop from the thermocouple to the actuator. We will explain some of the sense and nonsense relating to specific precision, accuracy, control speed and reproducibility claims and will hopefully give a better view of what can and cannot be expected from process control systems.

1. John von Neumann, Profession: Mathematician; Nationality: American; Born: 28 December 1903; Died: 8 February 1957