Glass - Back to the Future!

Presenting Author:
Matthias Lindig

article posted 20 Jan 2016

Matthias Lindig

Doktor degree in 1985 in glass science, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany, Institute for Glass, Ceramics and Bonding Materials

From 1985 to 2001 General Manager at Schott Glas in Mainz, Germany.

Since 2001 Manager R&D in Nikolaus Sorg, Lohr Germany.

Since 1985 various publications, oral contributions and patent applications

Sorg EME-NEND charger and IRD Doghouse - a successful development

Dr Matthias Lindig* & Thomas Breitfelder

Nikolaus Sorg GmbH&CoKG, Lohr, Germany

The Sorg company came up in the last decades with numerous innovations most of them contributions to increased energy efficiency, reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases, or special solution for waste incineration. Sorg has realized the first flue gas heat recovery system for glass batch preheat in 1987. The very specific problems associated with the batch preheating are well known and the reason for clear restrictions in operation conditions in the past.

Sorg has realized in 2012 a batch preheating system which allows an operation without most of these restrictions. Sorg has completed this heat recovery concept with a number of special design features. Gas tight attachment of the charging device to the furnace charging pocket and the enlarged charging pocket, the so called Sorg IRD doghouse, are developed in order to reduce any dusting and corrosion problems associated with the hot and dry batch charging. Since 2012 this concept was realized over 36 times world wide. The special design features were developed using CFD modeling. The results of the modeling investigations correspond well with the performance of the realized concept.