Glass - Back to the Future!

Presenting Author:
Matthias Lindig

article posted 19 Jan 2016

Matthias Lindig

Doktor degree in 1985 in glass science, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany, Institute for Glass, Ceramics and Bonding Materials

From 1985 to 2001 General Manager at Schott Glas in Mainz, Germany.

Since 2001 Manager R&D in Nikolaus Sorg, Lohr Germany.

Since 1985 various publications, oral contributions and patent applications

Realization of the Sorg ARD regenerative chamber design

Dr Matthias Lindig* & Thomas Breitfelder

Nikolaus Sorg GmbH&CoKG, Lohr, Germany

The regenerative heating system for glass melting furnaces represents still today the most energy efficient concept. The influence of the design features like regenerator chamber dimensions and specifics of the packing is well understood and state of the art.

In the context of capacity increase the melting is usually enlarged. Due to restrictions of the building the regenerator chambers are not always enlarged in order to keep the combustion air preheat temperature unchanged. Other boundaries may limit the expansion. If the foundation does not allow increasing the height of the checker other solution were considered like double chamber of addition of a secondary air preheating device. All these alternative solutions imply disadvantages like investment cost increase, reduction in life time.

Sorg has faced this problem and has invented a new regenerative chamber design which allows an expansion without touching the footprint or the foundation of the regenerative chamber. The new Sorg regenerative chamber design was developed using CFD- modeling. With these modeling results advantages of the solution appear like improved flow pattern of the flue gas in the chamber. The first realization of this special regenerative design solution has been done in 2015. The first results of the furnace operation conditions are promising and correspond with the expectations based on the modeling investigation.