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Presenting Author:
Marcela Jebavá

article posted 5 April 2016

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Options of improvement of glass melt flow in a container furnace

Marcela Jebavá*,1, Lubomír Nemec1 & Jirí Brada2
1 Laboratory of Inorganic Materials, joint workplace of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v.v.i., Prague, Czech Republic
2 Glass Service, Inc., Vsetín, Czech Republic

A container furnace was chosen as a representative of an industrial furnace for evaluation of the character of glass melt flow with respect to melting quality using by mathematical modelling. Previous model studies of the melt flow character in simple melting channels helped to understand appropriate distributions of the boosting energy in the melting space. The courses of sand particles dissolution and fining were modelled as criteria of quality. The utilization of the melting space, the melting performance, and the specific energy consumption were used for evaluation of the resulting melt flow character.
The melting performance increases and the specific heat losses decrease with the growing amount of boosting energy located in the batch region, regardless of the detailed arrangements of electrodes. However, the double central longitudinal row of electrodes (in x-direction) provides best results and the melt flow shows features of the helical flow. Generally, the melting characteristics improve when the critical melting performance approaches the curve describing the flow rate as a function of energy delivered in the batch region under balanced energetic state. Using the derived simplified formulas describing the development of the flow rate components as a function of longitudinal and transversal energy distribution, the flow character beneficial to the followed homogenization phenomena (sand dissolution and fining) can be predicted.
The procedure shows the significance of the melt flow character for the melting effectivity besides the melting kinetics.