Glass - Back to the Future!

Presenting Author:
Jingong Pan

article posted 22 June 2016

Jingong Pan Ph.D. Founder and Deputy Director of CdTe Solar energy research center with New Jersey Institute of Technology in USA. Distinguished Experts of Sichuan province "Thousand Talent Plan". Distinguished Experts of State Key Laboratory of the Advanced Technology for Float Glass; adjunct Professor of ECE department of New Jersey institute of Technology in USA.

Since 2001 Professor Pan has been working on cluster water memory research and carried on the research work in Center for Bio-Signaling and System Research in NJ and CA, USA. Dec 2004, <> magazine has reported cluster water research work in USA, has been list as 10 breakthrough of the year 2004.

Dr. Pan has been awarded more than a dozen international & domestic patents and has published more than twenty papers in journals, as well as made many academic presentations at international conferences.

Continuously Promoting Technical Innovation and Cooperation of Chinese Glass Industry,Building Glass Community of Low-Carbon Development

Jingong Pan

The rapidly developing Chinese glass industry has been an important sector of international glass industry. It has been making great progress in aspects of industry scale, technology innovation, new products development, energy saving & emission reduction. This paper summarizes the current development status of Chinese float glass industry, describes development status, technology innovation and market prospect of new products of glass, such as TFT-LCD substrate glass, high aluminum contents cover glass, touch panel glass, PV glass, energy saving glass and hollow glass microsphere; also the frontier research achievement of graphene glass and nano-tube glass was introduced; this paper briefly present Chinese government policies for the future development and energy saving & emission reduction of glass industry. Finally, employing green manufacture technologies, increasing green products and enhancing green application are the sustainable low-carbon development route for glass industry was suggested.
Key words: Chinese Glass Industry, Technical Innovation, New Glass, Industry Policy, Low-carbon Development