Glass - Back to the Future!

Presenting Author:
Jianyong Guo
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article posted 22 March 2016

Jianyong Guo
Senior lecturer in Shandong University of Art and Design, China. 2013-2017 PhD in glass in National Glass Centre of University of Sunderland, UK. 2004-2007 FMA in The Central Academy of Fine Art, China. 1997-2002 FBA in HuBei Academy of Fine Art, China.

Inside glass painting

Jianyong Guo.
21 Fox Street, Sunderland, UK, SR2 7NF.

This presentation is based my PhD research project focused on ‘inside painting’ in glass art. I will simply introduce the traditional inside painting of Chinese snuff bottles and the developed artworks of my research. The traditional Chinese inside painters usually pay more attention to inside painting skills and overlook their own artistic expression. The designs used tend to be repetitive and copies of existing designs from other media such as ink painting or photographs. My research attempts to create a ‘new model’ for Chinese traditional inside painting through the creation of contemporary glass artworks. This presentation mainly introduces some of my studio-based art practices. These practices were inspired by traditional inside painting of Chinese snuff bottles, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and Taoism and western glass paintings, printings, and calligraphy. The methods of glass making for this presentation covered blowing, casting, outside painting combined with inside paintings, flame work, fusing, slumping, printing combined with inside painting, these methods were employed for producing the ‘new model’ inside painting glass art. My glass sculptures produced expressed ideas about Taoist thought (all things should be in ‘harmony’), and the inside paintings of the sculptures presented the same meaning. See the figures below: