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Presenting Author:
Jan Viduna

article posted 29 Jan 2016

Jan Viduna

Jan Viduna – 18 years in Air Products - implementing oxy-fuel technologies in glass furnaces around the world

HRe™ Oxy-Fuel Burner, the First Smart Burner for the Glass Industry

Reed Hendershot, Michael Gallagher, Robert Hartl, Jan Viduna*, Piotr Skawinski

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
7201 Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown, Pennsylvania,USA.

Abstract Air Products has been supplying oxy-fuel technology to the glass industry since the mid-1970s with the Cleanfire® HRi™ burner being the most widely recognizable. The HRi™ burner produces a low-momentum, high-aspect-ratio flame that, together with proprietary oxygen staging, maximizes the proportion of key visible and near-infrared radiation delivered to the glass while minimizing that which is delivered to the crown. Combining Air Products’ Cleanfire® HRi™ burner technology with remote data access capabilities has led to the latest Cleanfire® innovation; the Cleanfire® HRe™ burner (patents pending). This burner is the first Smart Burner for the glass industry and part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The Air Products’ HRe™ burner has the potential to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and improve operations for glass manufacturers. This HRe™ burner combines the industry leading HRi™ burner technology with recent advances in wireless communications, sensor development, and cloud computing for both gas and liquid burners. The Cleanfire® HRe™ smart burner monitors pressures, temperatures, positions, and battery lifetime using high temperature components. With data provided by the HRe™ burner, plant operations are better able to optimize and maintain burner performance and will immediately be made aware of any issues that may arise. The HRe™ burner has been field tested at multiple worldwide locations and results from these tests as well as laboratory testing will be presented. The Cleanfire® HRe™ smart burner seamlessly integrates the industry-leading oxy-fuel HRi™ burner technology and the cutting edge communications capability adapted to the high-temperature glass furnace environment generally unfriendly to electronic components. As such, the HRe™ burner is a bellwether of things to come as more smart devices find presence in industrial settings.