Glass - Back to the Future!

Presenting Author:
Georgia Christopoulou

article posted 18 April 2016

Georgia Christopoulou I was awarded a BSc in Physics from University of Patras (Greece) in 2012. I had undertaken research experience with Royal Metrological Institute of Belgium and professional experience with Orraon S.A company. I am presently in my first year of my MPhil, supervised by Dr Paul Bingham, at Materials and Engineering Research Institute of Sheffield Hallam University.

Understanding the in-service behaviour of a new low biopersistent high temperature thermal insulation fibre material

G. Christopoulou *,1, F. Modarresifar 2, G. A. Jubb 2, A. H. Jones 1 and P. A. Bingham 1
1 Materials and Engineering Research Institute, Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 1WB, UK
2 Morgan Advanced Materials, Thermal Ceramics, Tebay Road, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3PH, UK

New bio-soluble fibres have been developed by compositional reformulation, resulting in a safer, more environmentally-friendly fibre material suitable for applications demanding long-term and high-temperature stability. Our work aims to understand the long-time performance of these bio-soluble glass fibres as functions of time, temperature and service conditions. This will enable us to establish and identify different chemical speciesí nature, behaviour and stability in these fibres. Here we present initial heat treatment results from up to five different temperatures and up to three months. The major initial outcomes based on X-Ray Diffractometry, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy, X-Ray Fluorescence and thermal analysis, will be presented here.