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Presenting Author:
Bernhard Fleischmann

article posted 21 March 2016

Bernhard Fleischmann
Studying material science, ceramics, in Erlangen (Prof. Oel, Prof. Schaeffer) Since 1988 working for the Research Association of the German Glass Industry (HVG): main subjects of daily work besides others in the field of glass melting technology: • non destructive testing (of refractories) • corrosion behaviour of molybdenum electrodes • refractories • investigations with spectral radiometers (flames, glass) • energy consumption of glass furnaces; heat balances • combustion technology • LIBS • temperature measurement techniques

Biogas and Glass: Partial substitution of natural gas with raw biogas for melting glass

Bernhard Fleischmann* 1) & Marcel Fiehl 2)
1) Research Association of the German Glass Industry (HVG),Germany Siemensstrasse 45, D-63071 Offenbach am Main. 2) Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V. (GWI), Hafenstrasse 101, D-45356 Essen. Germany

Using a small semi-industrial test furnace , the previous research project ”Biogas-Glas 1” showed that melting glass with raw biogas should not affect glass quality or the behaviour of refractory materials and that the combustion process can be adjusted for the different fuel[1, 2]. The objective of the following research project “Biogas-Glas 2” is now to partially substitute natural gas with only limited cleaned biogas to fire a glass melting furnace on industrial scale. Heat balances are determined with and without the substitution of biogas, the composition of the exhaust gas of the combustion process is measured and the combustion gas is characterised to determine the influence of biogas on the glass melting process. Whereas there should not be any impact on glass quality, the impact on the composition of the flue gas should be visible and the influence on heat transfer if present should be evident. The current state of analysis will be reported.

[1] Fleischmann, B.; et al.: Biogas (fermentation gas) and glass production - IGF-AiF research project no. 397ZN „Biogas-Glas“funded by the BMWI (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology). 23rd Internat. Congress on Glass, Prag, 4. Juli 2013

[2] Märtin, M.; et al.: Applicability of Fermentation Gas for Melting Glass (IGF-AiF Project No. 397ZN). 12th ESG Conference, Parma, 22. September 2014