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Presenting Author:
Anita Zeidler
<[email protected]>

article posted 26 May 2016

Anita Zeidler is a Royal Society EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow since October 2015.

The pressure induced structural transformations in oxide glasses

Anita Zeidler* & P. S. Salmon
*Science & Technology Division, Corning Incorporated, USA, Department of Physics, University of Bath, BA2 7AY, UK

The design of new glassy materials with the desired structural and functional properties is one of the outstanding challenges faced by manufacturing industry. These materials have applications ranging from building materials and optical devices, to the preparation of foods and medical probes. However, their inherent structural disorder makes it difficult to ascertain the structure-property relations.
Here I will show how a combination of neutron diffraction, x-ray diffraction and molecular dynamics simulations can be used to gain insight into the pressure-induced structural transformations in fundamental glasses such as binary oxides and chalcogenides. The mechanisms by which these transformations occur are discussed and a map is shown that shows the oxygen-packing fraction to be the driving force for the coordination number changes in oxide glasses and liquids.