Celebrating a Century of Glass Technology

Turner Memorial Lectures

9 November 1966
Prof R W Douglas
Professor of Glass Technology, University of Sheffield
"W E S Turner - Applied Scientist"

17 February 1969
J Herbert Holloman
President of the University of Oklahoma
"Technology and Society"

25 February 1971
Sir Alistair Pilkington FRS
"Float - an Application of Science, Analysis and Judgement"

6 March 1975
The Rt. Hon. Lord Ashby FRS
"The Politics of Noxious Vapours"

10 November 1976
Mr V C Hender
Group Managing Director, United Glass
"Glass Technology - The Challenge of Change"

7 June 1979
Mr R J Charleston
Former Keeper, Department of Ceramics, Victoria and Albert Museum
"Our Forefathers in Glass"

20 May 1982
Professor J K Page
Department of Building Science, University of Sheffield
"Glass - Key Materials in Advancing Solar Energy Applications"

26 November 1984
Professor R G Newton
Honorary Professor, Department of Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers, University of Sheffield
"W E S Turner - Recollections and Developments"

15 May 1986
Professor A Gambling
British Telecommunications Professor of Optical Communication,
University of Southampton
"Glass, Light and the Information Revolution"

5 May 1988
Professor E W J Mitchell
Chairman, Science and Engineering Council
"A Policy for the Funding of Science in the UK"

6 May 1993
Hugh Tait FSA
Department of Medieval and Later Antiquities, British Museum
"The Emergence and Domination of the Venetian Glass Industry in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance"

11 June 1996
Professor John D Mackenzie
Nippon Sheet Glass Professor of Materials Science and Associate Dean of Engineering, UCLA
"The future of Glass Research"

30 September 1999
Dr I C Freestone
Deputy Keeper at the British Museum
"Ancient Glass and Modern Science - building on the legacy of W E S Turner"

20 September 2001
Professor L L Hench
Professor of Ceramic Materials at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
"Glass and Genes"

7 May 2003
Professor Sir Harry Kroto
School of Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science, University of Sussex
"TV is Dead - Long Live the Web"

8 September 2005
Dr David Whitehouse
Executive Director and Curator of Ancient and Islamic Glass, Corning Museum of Glass, New York
"Cut and Engraved Glass in the Islamic World Between the Eighth and the 11th Centuries"

10 May 2007
Professor M Cable
Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield
"The Development of Glass-Melting Furnaces and South Yorkshire's Pioneering Role"

12 November 2015
Dr C Hajdamach
Ex Director of the Broadfield House Glass Museum, Kingswinford
"British Glass Designers & Artists, The Genius Years 1875-1939"

Turner Memorial Lecture
Thursday 12th November 2015
article posted 30 Nov 2015

On Thursday 12th November 2015 the 18th Turner Memorial Lecture was presented by Dr Charles Hajdamach. 2015 is the centenary of the founding of a department of Glass Technology at the University of Sheffield by Prof Turner and the Lecture was the first of a series of events celebrating both the Department and the Society of Glass Technology created in 1916. The subject: "British Glass Designers & Artists, The Genius Years 1875-1939" was chosen to overlap with the years in which Professor Turner himself was most active. The newly constructed Diamond Building at the University of Sheffield was a fitting venue.

The evening began with a reception in the Turner Museum of Glass. This was attended by around 40 people, several of whom had contributed to the move of the Turner Museum from its first home in Elmfield to the Hadfield building in 1993. The latest changes made in 2014 were well received.

The group then moved on to the Diamond Building and were joined by many more to give a total attendance approaching 100 people. Dr Hajdamach spoke in depth and with great enthusiasm of the many inventive and imaginative designers that pursued their trade in the chosen period. For example we were first introduced to John Northwood and his creation of a copy of the Portland Vase. We went on to see examples of cameo ware with up to 5 different coloured layers that now sell for fabulous sums. Dr Hajdamach concluded the evening by extolling the design skills of Helen Munro Turner, Prof Turner?s second wife, whose glass fibre wedding dress is still on display in the Museum. She both taught in Edinburgh and also worked for Edinburgh Crystal. In between Dr Hajdamach mentioned his passion for collecting Pyrex Cooking Ware and his attempts to hide this predilection from his wife. He talked about Fred Carder of the UK and later Steuben Glass in the USA. Carder was much admired by Prof Turner, each having a similar tenacity in problem solving on the journey to perfection. Dr Hajdamach used an excellent set of slides to illustrate the work of these and also many more designers.

Among those attending were Prof N Hyatt, the head of the current department of Materials Science and Engineering and now responsible for the Glass interests in the University. Joe Scarborough, a well-known local artist, also joined the celebration.

The President of the Society of Glass Technology, Prof Russell Hand, another member of the Materials department, gave a vote of thanks to Dr Hajdamach after the lecture and handed over a token of our appreciation. At the small post-lecture dinner, Dr Bill Brookes, an alumnus of the department, proposed a toast to the department celebrating its 100 years of teaching glass technology.

We were also delighted to welcome 3 members of the Turner family, two grandchildren and one spouse. Four more members sent their apologies.